Oxford Extends Vaccine Study to Children Oxford University Launches Children COVID-19 Vaccine Study Oxford University has concluded plans to launch Covid-19 vaccine study that will include children as young as six years old. The study which is the first to be extended to children will commence in partnership with three sites; London, Southampton and Bistol. According to HD Herald, Oxford in a press release says it will launch the first study to learn how children and young adults between ages six and 17 respond to the ChAdoxi nCov-19 Corona virus vaccine. “Previous trials of the vaccine have shown that it is safe, but this phase two trial, funded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and Astra Zeneca will show if kids have a good immune response to the shot.” Oxford in the press release further said,”300 volunteers will be enrolled in the study, even as 240 of them will receive the ChAdOxl nCoV-19 vaccine and the remainder, a control meningitis vaccine; which has been shown to be safe in children but is expected to produce similar reactions, such as a sore arm”. Oxford said, “while most children are relatively unaffected by Coronavirus and are unlikely to become unwell with the infection, it is important to establish the safety and immune response to the vaccine in children and young people as some children may benefit from vaccination, says Andrew Pollard, a professor of Pediatric Infection and Immunity, who is also the Chief Investigator on the Oxford Vaccine trial.

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