About Us


Crystal Springs is a global reach magazine, borne to compliment efforts at ensuring elaborate coverage of several endowed destinations across Nigeria. Nigeria no doubt, is blessed with what could be termed ‘out -of -this- world’destinations. Sadly, some of them are presently under reported or have only scanty mention. This rich content tourism and life-style unique sized and  stylish bimonthly magazine, is published by Newness Movies Intl; a marketing Media outfit of high repute, registered by Corporate Affairs Commission {CAC} in Nigeria.



In a simple narrative, tourism is nothing more than companionship with mother- nature. It is recreation, leisure and sightseeing. Unbelievably, these seemingly meaningless variables of the tourism industry have snowballed into high prospects of great value yielding billions of dollars in earnings and driving the fourth largest industry in global economy; tourism.
Mother nature in its generosity has smiled at Nigeria with the gifts of numerous geographical endowments, such as the crystal waterfall in Awhum, Enugu State, exotic beaches in Ibeno, Akwa Ibom, Badagry Bar Beach, Coconut Beach in Kano and Port Harcourt Tourist Beach; just to mention a few. This is aside breath -taking mountains, rocks, and other wonderful sights like Osun –Osogbo tourist site and Obudu Cattle Ranch.
Reality is, the above variables –{recreation, leisure and sight- seeing}; would be unpalatable and almost impossible without the comfort and care provided by hospitality and tourism experts and this is why premium hospitality brands and luxury  real estate gurus must synergize to ensure  Nigeriabecomes a destination of international repute.
Crystal Springs Magazine, amongst other contents, is published to moderate the required synergy between identified industry stake holders.