Jolly Good Fellow – YEAR 2020

 As the year 2020 draws to a close, our editorial team decided to select and celebrate one of the most significant birthday celebrants of the outgoing year.

He is of the Real Estate sector and he runs a focus-driven company which he started in 2012, Adron Homes, with a target to reach the over 18million Nigerians that are homeless.

 Our simple criteria for this choice, is his unique passion and undaunted resolve to bridge housing deficit between the high–end market, the low-end and the middle class. Also, this jolly good fellow is greatly admired for putting in place; an affordability concept that makes a homeless individual, the proud owner of  a house of 10million naira within a period of 20years which is payable in either  daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Born in Nigeria in the year 1975, Oba Adetola Olanipekun Emmanuel King, Chairman/CEO, Adron Homes and Properties, a member of the Nigerian Institute of Estate Surveyors &Valuers {NIESV} and Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria {REDAN}; marked his 46th birthday earlier in the year, in the month of April to be precise, when it was almost a taboo to gather together due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

As a result, glass clinking, merry making and passionate embrace of joy could not happen during the celebration. However, our jolly good fellow still sang his song and danced his dance all by himself in his house for the great faithfulness of God Almighty in his life and family.

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